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Breaking The Ocean

We are stardust, intelligence and order; gold formed from the dying stars only to fall from the firmament to the birthing earth. Particles condense and a journey unfolds.  We are all naturally interconnected; it’s so vast we cannot grasp or understand. Ours is a story so archetypal, so universal, yet so profoundly unique and precious.

First and last breaths are like bookends of the story. Childhood repeats itself in the joy of seeing (our) children. Small troubles can feel like a storm and can even become one! It is often because of our most difficult times that we find integration and we may even transcend it all.

She stands in the midst of this immeasurable ocean, open and vulnerable… a witness to the theater of the universe.

This painting was created inspired by the book Breaking The Ocean from author Annahid Dashtgard.

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