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Eye in the Universe

The power to create illusions is vastly more significant to understand than to understand reality.

J. Krishnamurti

Last year I was at a 10-day meditation retreat. One evening I was overcome with the idea that someone had committed suicide in one of the cabins. I saw all the signs, it all made sense in my mind to the point that it became so real; I didn’t sleep all night, I was sweating and panicking waiting for the waking hours to alert someone.

When I reported the news and was told who was sleeping in that cabin and that everything was fine, I instantly realised the power of my mind, it all made sense immediately. I also had my own personal reasons to fear a scenario of suicide and it had unfolded perfectly for me to learn a big life lesson about our power to create illusions. 

During this pandemic I feel confronted by this theme. We are all reacting according to our own personal history and condition. If someone doesn’t feel/think like me, I contract, I may even react. So many stories are being told right now. Which one do we fall for? Where do we contract? How do we react?

I am trying to see this global situation in the most ‘actual factual’ way possible, I am trying not to tell myself stories, to make it worse than it is and cause more suffering for myself and others around me.

This painting is about seeing clearly and how when we do this we are presented with the fact that this universe is simply beautiful.

This painting is an oil on wood – 20 x 20 cm – Visit the shop to purchase the original and see all the other products made with Gaia’s art (original art, various size prints, eco art jewelry).

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