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Les ateliers d’art de Gaia Orion


**La traduction en français arrive bientôt !** Art is one of the great ways to learn about oneself. In immersing ourselves in playing with colours, we reach places that are not easily found in our busy lives. The beauty of going there via art is that it is utterly fun: colored pencils in hand, we simply reconnect to a child-like state, open untethered and free to express. On the other hand art can also be a cathartic process when we feel ‘stuck’ in life. It allows us to have insight into that which we could not access. Creativity is an extremely valuable attribute that is needed for many tasks in our lives. Creativity needs space to arise which is challenging to find in our days full of demands. Gaia’s workshops give participants the opportunity and time to explore the vast, limitless, dimensions of creativity.


Some of the workshops that Gaia offers are:



Here is what people say about Gaia’s workshops:

“A confident, personal and peaceful leader, Gaia Orion creates a context in which we not only access our inner artist, we discover what she longs to reveal. Her meditative style is empowering. Her ready laughter is freeing. Gaia communicates a deep understanding of the Universe and the interconnected nature of reality in both her visual works and leadership. She is an important teacher in these evolutionary times.”

Carol Kilby, Owner of Gaia Farm House Retreat Centre

“Thought you might like to know that since the workshop I’ve been waking each morning with exciting solutions in mind for questions I’d been hosting for a long time. I figure the invite to creativity expanded mine for my own kind of artistic activity. Thanks so much for your part in that.”

Rosemary Cozens

“I just love Gaia’s work and perspective and find it so inspiring! I’m glad that helping others find their way to creating themselves through visionary art expression modality is part of what her. “

Deanna Fry

Gaia’s workshops are tailored for:

  • Business and corporate
  • Schools groups
  • Children and adults
  • Artists and non-artists

Some of her clients are:

  • Shift Coaching: leadership and team coaching, Toronto
  • Zephyr Art Gallery, Orillia
  • Galerie Céline Allard, Toronto
  • Gaia Centre,  Haliburton
  • Rogers White Academy School, Newmarket
  • Lady Mackenzie Public School, Kirkfield
  • Balanced Body Studio, Orillia
  • YMCA,  Haliburton
  • Meditation retreat with Theodore Tsaoudisis, Sugar Ridge Retreat
  • Bodystream, Barrie

Contact the artist for more information and to discuss how we can create a workshop for your group.

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