L’art au service d’un monde florissant et en paix

Life moves : Un weekend d’art et mouvement

Voici un diaporama et des témoignages de participants (en anglais) d’un weekend animé par Gaia et Mala Sikka (professeur de méditation du Centre Dharma du Canada).

A weekend blending art, movement and music wrapped in the beauty and inspiration of Nature.

Lillie Swanson

The Life Moves experience moved me a great deal and facilitated some deep glimpses and insights into myself and my life. So wonderful to have the safe container of fellow ‘movers’ to share in the exploration.

Deanna Fry

Mala and Gaia are amazing teachers: Able to look after the whole group and individuals with grace. The combination of their different reaching style is beautiful.

Jen Stoltz

Mala and Gaia are wonderful, supportive, encouraging teachers. The blend of movement and art is deeply nourishing and inspiring and I hope to continue this work with them in the future.

Samantha Mansfield

I can not say enough positive things about the experience I had with Life moves. Gaia Orion and Mala Sikka are blessings to this world with their gifts and insights that they so freely shared. Every person I encountered was so beautiful and connecting with myself and mindfulness has been transformative. I still need a lot of practice before mindfulness becomes more natural but the time I spent at the dharma center is forever apart of my journey. 

Stephanie Fay

I really enjoyed working with Mala and Gaia exploring new limits, new perceptions. Also working in a lovely group of non-judgemental people.

Melanie Hewson Hebert

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