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Making a Living Making Art: The Best Retirement Plan!

We artists have to see our career with a long-term vision.
As crazy as this may sound, by choosing to make a living from my art I feel that I am preparing for my retirement.

I’ve been painting for 20 years and I have sold way over 50% of what I created.
If we work seriously, diligently, regularly, passionately, not only our technique and talent get better but also our list of collectors and fans naturally grows.
I am confident that when I will be 80 years old most of what I will paint will sell and that’s the best retirement plan I can think of!!!

For those who still believe that it is not possible to make a living from making & selling art, I hope to be proof that it is a false common assumption.
I know many professional artists who are the breadwinners of their families and lead fulfilling lives making art. I am proud to be one of them!

What are your ideas behind “making a living as an artist”? Do you know anyone who does it successfully? Do you dream of it for yourself? What fears/ideas are stopping you?

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