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The Great Creativity Tool Kit

The Creativity Toolkit: it’s a comprehensive guide to living your best creative life!
This valuable resource comes from Eric Maisel – a brilliant psychotherapist, coach, and Creativity Expert.
Alongside more than 40 other creativity coaches, I was able to contribute the top tips that I’ve learned through my many years as a full-time artist and creativity coach. I contributed with 3 videos: 
  • Selling And Marketing Your Creative Work (or: 20 Ways to Make Money From Your Art)
  • Handling Marketplace Silence And Indifference
  • Making of Creativity in Business
With this toolbox you can avoid common mistakes, leaving you with the power to focus your energy on what you’re passionate about. It will help you understand the challenges faced by creatives and give you the solutions to make your career flourish. Even if you don’t consider your career to be a creative one, I’m sure you will be surprised by what honing your creativity toolkit can do for you!


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